Work Environment

Team Oriented

At Leading Sparx, we believe in the power of camaraderie. We work to strengthen the bond of our team through weekly team outings and friendly competitions in the office!

Creative Minded

We hire our team for their communication and people skills, but mostly for their ability to problem solve and think outside of the box. We look for individuals that are self-sufficient and motivated.


We're proud to have a culture that covers the continents. We believe that there is unity in our diversity, and that relationships with our client/customers are stronger with our unique backgrounds.


Our corporate culture is based on constant self improvement and professional development. The team at Leading Sparx is FUN, fearless, and focused. Great communicators, humble personalities, and budding entrepreneurs fill the halls of our consulting firm. As important as the growth of our clients is, it is also of the utmost importance that our company provide substantial growth through a collaborative work environment for our team members.


We believe that you can combine business and fun and still achieve optimum productivity. In fact, we achieve better results because we make work not feel like, well, work! Whether we’re grabbing happy hour after work, catching a Texans or Astros game, or traveling to nationally held conferences, the happiness of our team is our highest concern.


Outgoing, competitive, team-oriented individuals with a high level of achievement and ambition excel here at Leading Sparx!